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Everyone deserves to know what therapists know.

Therapy information should be free or as inexpensive as possible.

Every topic here has something of value for you.
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Let me know if you think you wasted your time.

Nothing here is an acceptable substitute for good face-to-face therapy if you need it.

If you have serious psychological problems involving violence or anti-psychotic medication, do not use this information unless you are seeing a therapist weekly, your therapist is familiar with this site, and he or she agrees it is good for you. 

If you are abusing a child or if you have plans for violence, confidentiality does not apply.

Please Tell Your Friends About This Site.

Enjoy Your Changes!

Everything here is designed to help you do just that!


Write To Me, I Want To Hear From You!
Tony Schirtzinger, Therapist (Milwaukee) 

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