Q: I had this dream that my boyfriend was trying to kill me. Now I feel unsure about him. I felt that the dream was very strong because when I woke up I was very shaky and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

A: The dream doesn’t matter by itself. What matters is whether, when you are awake, you have reason to be afraid of him.

Our dreams tend to teach us that we are right about something we thought the day before, even though the events of the day before contradicted our usual beliefs. So, you must have been wondering for a while how safe or unsafe your boyfriend is for you. That’s extremely important.

Of course you could also be frightened of him for reasons that have nothing to do with him directly – such as bad experiences with other men in the past, etc.

Please read “Analyze Your Dreams” and “Who Do You Trust?” at my site for further ideas.

And don’t worry about your dreams – but take your waking safety, and your own psychological health, seriously.

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