Q: I recently met a wonderful person who seems to match my personality quite closely. We love spending time together, and can’t seem to get enough of each other. However, she is of a different cultural background than I am. Our families and friends are uncomfortable with the idea of us dating each other, and this fact makes it difficult for us to get serious.

How should we move forward? Should we follow our own hearts and try to deal with our surroundings, or should we avoid getting any more serious in our relationship?

A: Your question is very clear, so my answer can also be clear: You should follow your own hearts!

We each have the task of forming our own unique life. This new life is meant to include the new people our hearts lead us to, as well as any of the people from our past that our hearts invite us to keep. Since that’s what your letter says you want to do, I can support you completely.

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