Q: My husband is an alcoholic. Although he openly admits he is an alcoholic, he says that he likes to drink and he doesn’t want to stop. The problem is when he is drunk which is everyday, he becomes mean and verbally abusive. Should I stay and try to help him or leave?

A: You should base your decision on how you are treated. Period.

Whether he’s an alcoholic, whether he admits it or denies it, whether he’s dry today or not… none of these things matter. What matters is how you are treated.

If you just keep saying to yourself each day “I am accepting the way he’s treating me right now” you will probably be able to make your decision quite soon.

There are, of course, many kinds of therapy and counseling available for you, and for your husband, and I hope you have taken advantage of them or that you will now. But how much you value yourself, and how much mistreatment you will accept… these are the central questions that only you can answer.

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