How To Use These Pages


As Advice for Yourself

Read every article here at least once. When you find yourself either very interested in a topic or wanting to run away from it, read that article at least once each day for a few days.

As a Self-Therapy Training Program

For therapists and for anyone who really wants to dive in to this material.

Follow the advice under “as advice for yourself” and read every other article critically. Correspond with me about differences of opinion.

As a Training Program for Professionals

If your work puts you in the role of “advisor” in any sense, you might want to use these pages as part of your professional training or the training you offer for others. Therapists, counselors, sponsors, ministers, and supervisors of all types can benefit. Correspond with me for help about applying this material to your specific concerns.

Any Way You Want To Use it!

Many people have selected certain topics, shown them to the important people in their lives, and invited open discussions. Some make copies of certain articles and distribute them in therapy groups, church groups, at AA meetings, etc. (Ethically, you should always make sure my name and credentials are shown.)

If it helps you or someone you care about, it’s a good idea!

If you use this material as part of any profit making endeavor, however, you will need to make an agreement with me before you begin. (See “Practice Building” information for specifics.)


My goal is to put as much useful information into these topics as possible. Each topic is written under the assumption that the person reading it really needs to learn about this topic right now!

From this assumption a style has evolved which is insightful, rather blunt, and sometimes provocative. Most topics include a listing of easy-to-use things to do designed to show readers how to make specific improvement in their lives.

  1. That most people in our culture now are well-educated and rather sophisticated when it comes to figuring out what they need psychologically and socially.
  2. That the average person does not need to be diagnosed and treated by a therapist in order to receive real, significant help at minimizing daily problems and maximizing daily opportunities.

The real advantage of this self-therapy training program does not come either from its simplicity or from its complexity. The real advantage comes from having the right information in the right hands at the right time!

Each topic is written using a conversational style with sometimes “unusual” punctuation and formatting – all designed to enhance immediate understanding!

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