Q: By pretending to be the most amazing person in the world, I can get myself into a state in which I feel and act as such! It’s great, but I can only sustain it for no more than a day. Can I make it permanent? If so, how?

A: Can’t be done.

We live in the real world, not the best possible world we can imagine.

Imagining that you change for the better, and that you are already there, can be good for you. It can show you very specifically what you need to DO to improve your life, give you practice at it, etc. But you do need to know that you are only pretending every second of the way, or else you are messing with your own concept of what’s real and what isn’t.

Eventually, with this kind of practicing, you will probably make some real and permanent changes… but they won’t make you “the most amazing person in the world.” They’ll make you one of us – with our strengths and weaknesses, talents and foibles…. And that’s a pretty good thing to be.

Learn to appreciate who you are naturally. Self-acceptance is the most important first step. Then play with changes in this way or in any good, healthy, safe way. And be proud of yourself for the changes as they come, without any goal that is even close to being “wonderful” or “amazing.”

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