Your score:
Your Partner’s score:

There are more than 25 points separating the two scores. One of you is clearly better at getting what you want from this relationship.The person who scored the highest total is better at getting what they want and should be very proud of themselves!

It would be an excellent expression of this person’s love if they would teach the other person HOW they do it! (I know it all comes down to “asking for what you want,” but you might be able to give your partner some day-to-day examples of HOW and WHEN you ask for what you want.)

And, just in case you need to hear this….The person who scores highest should never feel guilty about it! It is our job as human beings to go for what we want and you are simply better at it so far than your partner! While it’s a shame your partner sometimes doesn’t get what they want, that’s their responsibility, not yours!

Your Greatest STRENGTH In The Relationship
Thinking Clearly Together

Your Greatest WEAKNESS In The Relationship
Sharing Opinions Together

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