Q; Have you ever humiliated yourself so bad you just want to die? I sent the pastor of my church a card telling him how I feel about him, that I like him, etc. and now I regret it. He was feeling low and I wanted to cheer him up. All my words sounded really stupid. There’s no telling what he thinks of me. I can’t face him. I’ve thought of suicide to end this misery I’m in. That’s how mortified I am. What can I do?

A: Well, I never Really “wanted to die” because of it, but, sure, I have felt big-time humiliation in my life. I think everyone has…

Since you mentioned suicide, what you should do is immediately call a good therapist in your area!

This reason for feeling so bad is NOT the biggest problem. You could contact the pastor to find out how he is feeling, etc…. The “thought of suicide to end this misery” is the problem!

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