Q: Is it possible to get help to not molest without going to jail?

Yes, definitely… but you’ll have to contact agencies in your own area to learn about it.

Call a Family Service Agency or your local Mental Health Association. You can do this anonymously, of course.

Even if your state requires therapists to call authorities, you will be treated far better in court if you have confessed and given necessary details (so your victims can get the help they need). Those who get caught, or deny, or refuse to give details will be treated harshly, of course.

The sad truth is that molesters who don’t get treatment tend to do it over and over, and take bigger and bigger risks each time (even though they tell themselves they won’t and they try hard to believe it). So things can only get worse if you wait.

Your question shows that you care about people who are molested, and that’s what matters most – to you, to any therapist, and to the authorities *IF* they ever get involved.

This is a very important question! I’m glad you asked and that you are on your way to getting help.

LATER: He wrote again about a month later to say:
The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers web site was the most helpful. The treatment places listed for my state led to a dead end but when looking at a neighboring Cities listings I was able to make two appointments for a possible therapist. There is also a hospital not far with a special program to treat abusers. Thanks.

I thanked him for this information and again told him that I admired his perseverance, his sincerity, and his concern for victims.

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