Q:I lost all rational communication with my parents. Mother is “very angry,” father “disappeared”. She’s yelling at me through the phone telling she hates me, my wife etc. I know there’s no way back. Don’t want to call them anymore, how to accept the emptiness?

A: That empty feeling isn’t necessarily related to whether we get along with our parents. It’s related to how well we absorb the love and attention we get from everyone in our life.

It could be that one of the ways your parents hurt you was to convince you that you “needed” them, and that how you get along with “blood relatives” is more important than how you get along with everyone else. This just isn’t true.

How you get along with all people is what matters, and when you lose the opportunity to feel loved by certain people you need to move on – and receive what you need from others.

Don’t believe you need them.

Get what you need from anyone who treats you well and offers it!

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