Q: I am 51 year old married female. When I’m angry I talk out loud to myself and have a conversation with the person I’m angry with. Then I imagine that he understands me. This gets embarrassing. Why do I do this. I am a highly sensitive person

A: I sometimes advise people to do this, just to get their anger out and to know it’s OK to release it.

You say it’s “embarrassing.” If you do it when you aren’t alone, then I think you should talk this over with a therapist if you think you can’t stop it. If you only do it when you are alone, then you are you imagining is shaming you about it?

The biggest problem might be if you only do this when the person you are angry at isn’t around, and you don’t express your anger at him when you are with him. That could lead to acceptance of mistreatment or even abuse. Anger is there to Protect us.

You don’t mention if you read all the info at my site about anger. It’s one of my favorite topics because people who try to believe they aren’t angry are sure to get depressed. Please read everything about anger and about depression at my site. I think it will be good for you.

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