Q: I am a girl 22 years old and live in Eastern Europe. I am very poor and last year I did not have money to eat and I borrowed from a friend. He forced me into prostitution to give him the money back. Now I have found a job so that I do not have to do this anymore. Also I found a friend who loves me and helps me to survive and build a future. But I am very depressed and feel so guilty for what I have done and sometimes I want to commit suicide. Also I cannot have sex with my friend because it reminds me of the prostitution I did.

What can I do to overcome my problem?
A: I wish I knew how things work in your country.

Here in the U.S. I would say that you need to call your local Mental Health Association or a local Family Service Agency to get the support and help you need. These places offer free or very inexpensive help for people who can’t afford it. But I don’t know what is available like that in your country.

Please find a professional you can work with there. Know that you are worth any help you can arrange to get. (You knew that when you wrote to me today!)

Also, since the main problem you mention is guilt, is there a priest or clergy person you trust who you could go to – so you know that you don’t need to feel guilty any more? You could also go back to my site and do a search for “guilt” — there are so many topics that relate to guilt, and some of my words might help.

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