Q: Since my Grandma was killed, I’ve been clinging to my mom.

Yesterday she asked for some space. I obliged, but I’ve started crying (over her and Grandma) whenever I’m alone.

Why do I feel like I’ve started the grieving process all over? Why do I only cry alone?

A: You have a lot of very good questions here. But really you should be talking to a good local therapist about these things.

Your questions indicate severe current stress and maybe some other related problems in your relationships with family.

You don’t say how your Grandma was killed, but just using that word “killed” indicates violence.

Your mother’s need for space may be appropriate, but she and you both need more than each other at times like this.

Crying alone does bring relief, but Only crying alone shows that you don’t feel a lot of emotional support from friends and other relatives besides your mom.

These are very serious matters that need a professional’s help.

I’m sorry you are going through such a tough time. Please don’t keep going through it all alone, OK? (You might want to read “Are You Considering Therapy?” at my site for some ideas.)

I wish you and your mother the very best!

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