Q: The woman I dated recently broke my heart. I truly thought she is the one but while on one hand I was looking for the engagement ring and was thinking of a good place to propose to her, she obviously was not on the same brain wave She just left me with no explanation. I am all shaken up as I didn’t see this coming. Is there a way to see some signals not to be in this situation again?

A: There might have been some signals that you missed, of course, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know if there were such signals or if you missed them.

What matters now is whether you allow yourself to face and express your sadness thoroughly, so you can get past this. Anyone in this situation is very sad. Cry when you can. Get support from your friends. Allow an appropriate time to go by, depending on the length of the relationship you lost and the depth of your hopes about her.

When you are finished facing your sadness you will move on to find another. And, yes, there is the chance that this will happen again. But finding someone to love us is well worth the risk, so you will be out there again.

And if there is a next time, you will know that you can survive the pain. That will help you to get close, absorb the love she has for you, ask the appropriate questions about her feelings for you, read her signals as well as possible, etc.

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