Q: I’d like motivational assistance. I plan many things, but often quit soon after I start. I want to know how to do better.

A: Motivation is just raw energy. If you eat, sleep, drink, and take care of other basic bodily needs, you do have plenty of motivation. Sometimes people have a motivation problem because they don’t take care of these basic needs well enough.

If you know you take good care of your needs and you still have a motivation problem, you probably just don’t like what you are motivated toward! For instance: You might think you should be motivated to go to work each day even though you are treated badly by your employer… but you are actually motivated to get out of there at the end of the day!… Or you might think you should be motivated to take care of your kids by yourself… but you are actually motivated to get help from your partner so you don’t have to do it all yourself!

Also, being depressed is a major drain on motivation. Depressed people mentally pick on themselves when they are actually angry at other people or at events in their life which anyone should be angry about. If you think you are depressed, get help through therapy and medication.

You can learn more about your question by checking these topics at my site: Motivation and Guidelines for Emotional Health as well as the various topics related to depression. You might want to start by going to the full topic list (in the left margin on every page).

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