Sample Cover Letters

Here are two sample cover letters for your review.

Cover letters can be of any type. Some people circulate their newsletters primarily among professionals and business associates and they generally write more formal cover letters. Most of us circulate to the general public, and write quite informal letters. Some people don’t use cover letters at all and simply attach a business card.

You can do whatever fits for you – and expect good results whatever you choose.

JANE EDWARDS – Houston, Texas

This is actually Jane’s first cover letter after deciding to use my newsletter. I’ve included it to show you how you can “introduce” your mailings, get readers involved, and encourage them to look forward to hearing from you regularly.

Jane’s letter is quite long compared to my own (which follows). She has also decided to offer two new articles every month instead of the two-every-other-month format most people use.


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to “Outlook” from Options on Waugh!

We’ve updated our mailing list, sharpened our pencil points, and purchased plenty of postage stamps so we can stay in touch with you, keep you informed about goings on around here, and offer you some useful information on topics you have indicated interest in over the years. And you will find all of this in your mailbox each month (all things being equal) and it will cost you not one thin dime!

I was cruising the Internet this year and ran across “The Self-Therapy Site.” As I skimmed it, I found myself thinking that here was a clinician after my own heart. I really liked everything I read. Now, understand that I have looked over literally hundreds of sites without ever feeling such a clear identification. I contacted the author, another first for me, and we began what has become a most pleasant and rewarding friendship.

Tony Schirtzinger is a therapist practicing in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. We are both social workers by training and share a strong belief in personal empowerment. Tony provides consultation by E-mail and the option of telephone therapy.

And all of you will benefit as well! Tony has written a number of short articles that provide solid, practical, and USEFUL information about living well in the 90’s. I plan to include these in “Outlook” along with some of my own thoughts. Collect the entire series and hang on to them for future reference. Let me know about other topics you’d like to see appear here in future issues. This month’s topics are “Teenagers” (always a top ten request!) and “How Are You Treated?,” which explains why people treat you the way they do and how YOU can change that way if you wish.

[.. Jane then goes on for another full page to list and advertise four treatment options she provides at her clinic, talk a bit about her plans for other options in the future, etc. She ends with some cute cartoons…]

NOTE: Jane chose to introduce me as the author. If you don’t want to mention me directly, you can do what most others have done: simply indicate “Provided By:” before your name. This doesn’t claim authorship (which would be unethical) but it doesn’t indicate who the author actually is either (which is O.K. with me).


I want to show you my own cover letter as an example of how things have evolved after 17 mailings (nearly 3 years).

Notice that I do not include any specific advertising in my mailings. When I have such things to announce I do it in a separate mailing. You and I could discuss this, and any other issues that come into play. Just ask. I’ll be happy to share my experience with you.



Hope this find you on a good day!

We’ve had another one of those “where’d it go?” summers. Janet had some big changes at her work, I’ve been getting more involved in my computer and Internet projects, we’ve taken a few weekend trips, and now we realize it will be fall in just a few weeks.

We did just get a new car and we’ve found that kind of exciting. Those of you who know us well may be saying “It’s about time!” But the truth is I’m very glad we sold my old car to a relative because I didn’t really want to say a final good-bye to it yet! (I might even get to drive it once in a while for old time’s sake….!)


This time I’m sending you two topics on the same general subject, Fantasy and Reality. The first topic is more theoretical and the second is more practical.

We all think we know the difference between fantasy and reality quite well, but actually each one of us hurts ourselves unnecessarily at least a little bit each day by confusing the two.

This topic is one of those “core issues” of psychology, and of life. If someone actually studied the words in these two topics and then went on a campaign to rid their lives of confusion between the two, they could see improvement in every area of their life.

So, please read these topics very closely. If you find yourself saying things like “Well, this is just common sense! Everybody knows all this already!” I think you are missing the point.

Knowing this stuff isn’t hard.

Applying it to ENJOY your life more is what matters. (That’s why I send these topics your way regularly!)

Have A Good Rest Of The Summer!

Talk With You Again In October!

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