Q: I’m very confused and hurt. I’m dating this guy who has a major anger management problem. I want him to get help but he believes that he doesn’t need it. We would fight and he would then start to swear and then throw things either at me or the wall – something always end up getting damaged. And then he blames it on me and says things like “you make me this way, you would drive anyone crazy.” The worst part is he has started to tell me that he’ll kill me! That’s when I get really scared that he will do it.

So, do you think he needs to get help ASAP? If so, can you help me find a really good therapist?

PS I just broke up with him yesterday. Is it a good idea that I left?

A: I don’t know where you live, so I can’t help with a referral for the man. He definitely needs help.

The ONLY thing that matters is your safety, so of course I am very glad that you left him!

Let him go completely, and be quick to call 911 if you need to.

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