Q:My wife and I are on the brink of divorce. She is pushing away all those close to her and I think it’s because of her deep seated fears and anger. What sort of therapy might be helpful for her. Thank you. ==

A: There are various kinds of therapy, each of which might help. I’m “cognitive,” myself, so of course that’s what I’d recommend.

The best way to start for someone who is hurting a lot emotionally would probably be to call a psychiatrist for an appointment. The psychiatrist would evaluate her to see if medication would help, and any good psychiatrist would also recommend individual therapy along with any medication.

The psychiatrist could probably make a referral to a weekly therapist, although there are other good (even better?) ways to pick a therapist.

I’d suggest you and your wife read “Are You Considering Therapy” at my site as well as “Clients and Success In Therapy” and all other topics related to anger, depression, fear, etc…. and any other topics that you or she find interesting.

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