Q: My wife says I touch her too much. How can I fight this feeling of always wanting to be close to her? It makes her angry and always leads to an argument. I give her too much attention, and I feel she doesn’t give me enough?

A: We all need touch and we all need attention, but I can’t tell from your letter if you have a problem of needing it too much, if she has a problem of fearing it too much, both, or if neither of you has a problem but you are just different in the amount of tough and attention you need from each other.

The fact that it always leads to an argument, however, is a big clue. Makes me think one or both of you do have a problem here.

I suggest that you read the topics at my site related to love, relationships, sex, dependency, abuse, etc. See if you can do some investigating about the problems on your side. Then, if you get some new ideas, share them with her.

If your ideas help to resolve things somewhat, she might want to read more topics herself to help her resolve her part in this problem.

Since touch and love are immensely important to all of us, the thinking you are doing about it is well worth the effort.

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