Q: I’m very tired and stressed from work, what types of therapy do you suggest?

A: Your question is so vague… but I’d suggest that first you need a good physical checkup to see if there is a medical cause for your tired feeling.

Then, if that checks out OK, talk with friends and family (anyone you trust who cares about you) about your stress at work. If they think anyone would feel this much stress at this job, it’s time to start looking for a new job. If the people you trust tend to think that it’s not so much the work itself as it is your way of viewing the work (as if it is desperately important that you please your boss 100% at all times, for instance…) OR if you know that you have always had a problem related to requiring too much of yourself (perfectionism or fearfulness) OR problems related to depression, then call a good therapist to talk it over with them.

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