Q: Hi. I was hurt when I was kid, I don’t really like to say the words. I wrote it down and let my therapist read it (which I never had any intention of doing and I’m not quite certain if it was a good thing or a bad thing) but anyway, she is very kind.

A: I’m so glad you told her. And I’m glad you are reading the information at my site about abuse also. Guess I’m just glad you are working on your healing instead of running from it as so many do…. And I’m SO sorry such awful things happened to you!

Q: I guess my question is will it ever get easier to talk about it and what he did to me.

A: It will definitely get easier (though still difficult) to talk about each event that you need to remember.

You only need to remember the events which are interfering with your adult life. Your psyche will bring these memories to the surface whenever you are with the therapist, now that you trust her enough. It’s like the little girl inside of you is saying: “I’m glad you finally are strong enough with this therapist to help me!,” and she sends you the information you need to help her now. Cause right now I just can’t talk about it at all.

Q: I feel really ashamed.

A: You did nothing wrong! Everything the abuser did was wrong!

Q: I’m in the military and proud and strong on the outside but still feel like a terrified 7 year old on the inside.

A: We are all weak on the inside. But those of us who experienced abuse at a young age tend to be more afraid to show how weak we feel sometimes, because we were trained to think we’d be taken advantage of if we show weakness. Now you have someone, your therapist, who knows you are just like her – weak on the inside. And she can help. Please fight off any temptations to run away from the memories. The little girl needs you and the therapist, and you need her to have a good life as an adult.

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