Q:I am paralyzed by my inability to follow my dreams. I suffer from great emotional resistance & inertia. I am 27 and blessed with many qualities yet I choose to seek comfort behind my family’s wealth. How can I break through the walls that trap me?

A:This sounds like rather severe depression. Depression is sometimes referred to as “the blahs,” because we feel low energy and motivation when we are depressed.

Also, since depression is a cover for anger, I wonder if you might be angry about feeling “owned” by your wealthy family – even though they let you “seek comfort behind them.” When we are dependent we think we need the people we depend on, so in that sense we are kind of glad they are there – but we can also be angry at them for being having so much control over us.

You don’t mention therapy or medication of any kind. I suggest you contact a good psychiatrist to discuss medication, and also find a good psychotherapist to help you overcome what is behind your depression.

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