Q: Every night I have a different dream about my friend’s husband and I don’t understand why. Each dream seems more passionate then the other; and although I have no sexual thoughts in waking life, my dreams seem to suggest otherwise. I’m feeling guilty, please help, I want them to stop!

A: Stop believing your dream! It’s only a dream…. and since it’s a sexual dream, I guess you feel good while you have it. So what’s the problem with feeling good while you are asleep?

One study says that men tend to have rather detailed sexual thoughts during the day about once every 25 minutes…. and women have them about once every hour. So my guess is that you are denying that you have sexual thoughts all day long, and this creates a conflict that you deal with in your dreams.

Try to notice all the sexual thoughts you have during each day… Don’t fight them. Allow them.

And remember that thoughts are just thoughts, not actions. If you dream about sex with someone that does NOT mean that you will have sex with them, or even that you want to.

Just a dream……….

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