Q: Recently having to finally come to grips with my depression, and being told by 3 therapists I would benefit by taking an antidepressant, I’ve chosen to take the medicine prescribed Being in the 12-step fellowships, I am in conflict with my clean time. Help.

A: Don’t quite know what to say, except that if three therapists think it’s a good idea that’s certainly your best bet!

Nothing is perfect. AA’s precepts aren’t either. When we (therapists, or AA, or doctors, or anyone else who is trying to help someone) offer advice, it’s the best advice we have, but it is, at best, imperfect. So don’t think you have to obey AA, just like you know you don’t have to obey the three therapists.

What you have to do is whatever you think is best for you. And when it comes to medication for depression you may have to experiment some: try one of them, tell the psychiatrist how it affects you, maybe get it modified (larger or smaller doses), try another medication, etc…. And with AA, it’s the same. You try their advice to see how it fits for you, do a little more of some things and a little less of some other things, etc.

Remember that nobody knows you better than you, no matter how much training and experience they have at helping people.

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